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A Marriage of Heaven and Hell

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The Devouring

Composed between 1790 and 1793, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell is a book by the English poet and printmaker William Blake. Published as printed sheets from etched plates, illustrated by Blake and his wife Catherine, it contains prose, poetry and illustrations expressing Blake’s revolutionary beliefs rejecting the conventional moral strictures of good and evil. The artwork presents a unified vision of totality, in which the physical world and human desire are treated with equal importance. We explore our humanity through this lens of duality and adopt Williams Blake’s implications, that there is no good without the bad, no heaven without hell, no order without chaos and that it is only through the unity of these opposites that the world endures and continues. To embrace this truth is to celebrate what it is to be human.


The Devouring is a love letter, an ode to the human experience. It is a feast and celebration of being alive. It is a cacophony of everything that is beautiful, honest, and at times terrifying. We will not perform for you, but rather celebrate with you. And hold nothing back.


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The Feast

Michelin-starred chef John Fraser has created a menu that is an extension of the inventive, chaotic, high-production spectacle perfectly suited for Times Square. The multi-sensory, multi-course feast mirrors the playful elements of the performances by pairing offerings with Paradise Club’s robust technology, allowing for an all-consuming experience. Dishes such as Drunken Tuna, Smoking Spiced Ribs, Cauliflower with Peppered Strawberry and Seared Duck are simultaneously satisfying, luxurious and intended to be enjoyed in just a few bites. Desserts like CBD donuts and Baked Alaska are served at intermission, as a moment of decadence. Vegetarian options are available. Specialty cocktails and a Manhattan trolley elevate the dining experience and celebrate the thrill of a night out. Bring an appetite for culinary and theatrical adventure!


Night Life

As the brainchild of Studio 54’s Ian Schrager and with a touch of magic from Brooklyn’s House of Yes, Paradise Club is a provocative, modern-day nightclub that transforms into a bustling, colorful dance floor following The Devouring dinner theater.

An Escape into Fantasy

The Devouring, created by Anya Spozhnikova, Matthew Dailey and Kae Burke of House of Yes and paired with a culinary feast prepared by Michelin-starred chef John Fraser. The Devouring is inspired by William Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell and will be part theater, part performance art with talent across many disciplines including dance, voice, aerial acrobatics, choreography, costum design and magic.

With no formulas, rules or any specific structure, but not for shock value, each performance at Paradise Club will be different from the previous one and different from the next. For a new twist on dining and entertainment, the menu will be original and creative from fried chicken to caviar and everything in between.